Elise Goitia

"Making art to make moments into art."


Elise Goitia is a desert rat from Tempe, Arizona, transplanted to Denver, CO in 2018. Discovering her affinity for art in high school, she began commissioning paintings and later tattoo designs. In 2016, after being diagnosed with bipolar and learning more about the national stigma against mental illness, Goitia honed her art with physical and emotional health in mind. She sought out resources to self-teach after a ceramics class in college, integrating the use of natural design into her pieces with the focus of symbiotically linking human-use vessels with the world outside.

Fueled by reviews from friends and family that the unique pieces were being used to bring together loved ones, ease depressive episodes, enjoy on far-away adventures, and relax anxiety and insomnia, Lita Clay was born. 

Each piece is handmade with genuine love, impossible to replicate, and made with the intention of relieving mental stress or sharing good times with friends. The organic shape of her pieces are designed to interact cohesively with sculpting and glaze-work. All the leaves embellishing her pieces are harvested from her texture garden—no plants were harmed in the making.